Composite furniture can complete an outdoor space with its long-lasting, durable, low-maintenance properties and can make your outdoors that much easier to maintain and appreciate. Eva-Last composite weathers the elements with grace and can be left outside all year round without the need for being covered in any way. Although Eva-Last doesn’t supply ready-made furniture, you can incorporate the fascia boards into existing frames or custom made articles.


Available in a host of beautiful natural wood look finishes, Eva-Last composite is ideal for use in outdoor furniture, it mimic’s wood but without the heavy maintenance.

Eva-Last offers four advanced bamboo composite ranges Pioneer reinforced bamboo foamed-PVC composite, Apex Plus reinforced bamboo foamed-PVC composite, Infinity capped bamboo, and Eva-tech bamboo composite. Each is splinter-free to keep your family and guests more comfortable and has built-in UV resistance to preserve the inherent colour of your furniture. All ranges are stain and scratch resistant to handle life’s mishaps and will ensure your furniture looks good for years to come. Apex Plus reinforced bamboo foamed-PVC composite, Of the three Eva-Last composite ranges, it is Apex bamboo foamed-PVC fascia boards which would be most ideal for creating your dream outdoor furniture. Their lightweight nature means lighter furniture pieces for easier manoeuvrability.

If your outdoor furniture items will be left in the sun and not decked with cushions or coverings, it is advisable to select a lighter colour since dark colours do retain heat and will be hot to touch.

Each Eva-Last composite range has its own selection of natural colours and surface finishes to suit your style. Consider how you want your furniture to appear against the backdrop of your outdoor space when selecting the composite range to use.

If you have or are thinking of installing an outdoor feature like an Eva-Last deck, Pergola or benches, you may want to create your furniture from the same type of composite used elsewhere for a more cohesive aesthetic.

We believe that Eva-Last composite is purposefully versatile to give you design freedom, allowing you to create one-of-a-kind composite furniture.